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What is a Mija?

Mija (IPA: /ˈmi.xa/) 

An endearing word commonly used in the Spanish language. It combines two words: "mi" meaning "my" and "hija" meaning "daughter."


"Mija" translates to "my daughter" in English.

This term reflects warmth and affection, often used when addressing a loved one, such as a daughter, niece, or even a close friend. It conveys a sense of care, protection, and familiarity, making it a cherished expression in many Spanish-speaking communities.


Our Why

In a world dominated by the traditional norms of the fitness industry, where women are pressured to conform to a specific image, Mija Fitness emerges as a refreshing haven for women of color.

At Mija Fitness, we believe fitness should be about more than appearances, but a journey of inner and outer transformation.

 We teach the fundamentals of boxing, host engaging workshops, and offer holistic practices such as meditations and sound healing to enhance not only your physical strength but your mental well-being.

Mija Fitness is about embracing who you are and discovering your true potential.


We're proud to be an LGBT+ inclusive space


When you're here, you're safe

There's power in community

Every human deserves the right to grow

Every woman is a mija

Changing the fitness landscape

for women, by women

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