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Mija Fitness Group

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Welcome to the Mija group!

Use this space to drop any thoughts, ideas, comments about any and all things! Anything that makes us Mijas, really!

It could be....

👯‍♀️ a cool event that you heard of (and of course if you're looking for an amiga to join you)

📖 an impactful book / podcast episode you want to share

🎧 a must listen to song, meditation or

💰the maybe you're launching a new business idea or selling something! We want to support you!


  • निजी

    केवल प्राइसिंग प्लान धारक ही इस ग्रुप को देख सकते हैं।

  • दर्शनीय

    साइट विज़िटर को दिखाया गया।

  • 7 नवंबर 2023

    बनाया गया

  • Monique Flores

    द्वारा निर्मित

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