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Meet Our Team

Founder Monique Flores

Monique Flores


I am a queer daughter of two Mexican immigrants. I stepped into the boxing fitness scene in 2017 and quickly noticed it was not a space created for my people.

My purpose is to change that aesthetic landscape and provide tools and access to healing for my community.

| Life Coach certificate 2015 (IPEC)
| Certified Boxing Trainer since 2018
| Launch LatinX Accelerator Program Participant



I am a queer mixed kid of Vietnamese and Caucasian descent. My mission is to be of service however I can to those who need it most. I believe healing is a human right and that we all have the ability to leave people better than we found them.

| Strength Coach Meditation Guide

| Specialties in Strength/Conditioning

| Sonic healing | meditation

Co-founder Kéo
Lead Trainer Monica

Monica Marquez

Boxing Coach

Born and raised New Yorker coming from immigrant parents; Dominican & Salvadorian. I have been an athlete all my life and am constantly on the move! When I moved to LA, I quickly fell in love with the sport of Boxing and after 4 years of training myself as a boxer, I decided to become a personal trainer and boxing coach. As a coach and mentor, my goal is always to motivate and inspire my students to grow 1% better everyday through movement and the art of boxing. 

| Specialites in Corrective Exercise

| Stretching/Flexibility

| CPT Certification with NASM

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